Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art of Living Health and Lifestyle Benefits

Stress, Tension, Fear to Vibrant, Enthusiastic , Energetic Life

I used to have a lot of problems in life. All these had added stress and tensions and ended up in fear for everything and finally nervous disorder and high blood pressure. The doctor gave me medicine like Alprazolam .I could not meet my dead lines in office and too many fearful thoughts disturbed me. After doing Art of Living Course and Art of Silence courses, I started looking young and vibrant,enthusiastic for everything and full of energy. Life is different now. - Ajay Bhall, Panchkula, India

Contentment and Peace in Life

I did my first Art of Living Course in Feb 1994.Stress at home and work place had resulted in undergoing  a by pass surgery in 1996. I had sleepless nights feeling irritated and fear of the future. I retired from work in 1998  and decided to become an Art of Living teacher.  It has been 16 years since I did my first Art of Living Course. During this time, my fears have reduced, contentment and peace has set in my life. - U.S Prakasam, Gujarat, India

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