Friday, April 26, 2013

Shivani Billimoria - Smiles, prayers and miracles

Art of Living Teacher and Blesser, Delhi, India

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Being a medical doctor, and having ‘been there done it all’, at 36 years of age I realized I was still searching for something, but was unable to know exactly what.
I went for a talk for Doctors by a Doctor about medical research on a breathing technique called SUDARSHAN KRIYA that could alter DNA in Nov 2005. Now that was something that triggered my curious intellect.10 minutes into the talk , 2 min of looking at the smiling faces of some Art of Living members on stage and I knew I would be at the course venue next morning, along with my husband.
After the first Kriya I knew I had started my earnest journey to discover ‘that something’ I had been missing. A small but clear voice in my head said ‘Continue with this and you will eventually find the answers to your burning questions.’
When I asked my teacher ‘What next’, his smiling reply was ‘Do the Art of Silence course’, and I went for it. Like a bird in a cage I was flustered during the course, since I was silent for the first time in years but again I heard the same voice. After this, still not convinced about the ‘Guru’ principle, I continued to feed my intellect with Sri Sri 's talk CD's and books but amazingly would go to sleep like a little baby and wake up all wise and smart.
One day at my hospital  a complication with a patient made me feel helpless for the first time in life and I heard myself speak to Sri Sri's photo on my desk, asking Him to do something. After 3 days, in a follow up X ray I witnessed a miracle. The fractured segment of instrument lodged in the patient’s bone had vanished. That moment I saw what I had been missing - I saw My Guru. Now I had the burning desire to meet Him, somehow, somewhere, but soon and I started vehemently praying for it!
That wonderful day happened in Ahmedabad at Maha Shivratri in 2007. There were thousands of people, and it seemed impossible that I would get to meet Him in person. So I just closed my eyes and started expressing my gratitude under my breath. Suddenly people started nudging me to get up and go towards the stage because GURUJI was asking me if I wanted to share something and that I should be given a mike. Walking through that crowd towards my Master I realized He knew ME all along.
Now 8 years later, miracles are have become a part of my life. I was cured of claustrophobia and panic attacks through eternity process, Vertigo with Blessings course and Yoga, Even pre-cancerous findings disappeared with my regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and Sri Sri Ayurveda products. Now as a Dentist I continue to create smiles as my business. But bringing life and adding miles to those smiles is my one and only mission, which with the Grace of my Master I am able to do as an Art of Living Teacher and Blesser.
Content in every aspect of life with a loving husband who supports my endeavors to spread the Art of Living knowledge and two wonderful boys who are also steadily bringing Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation in their daily routine there is only one prayer I am hoping my MASTER will continue to fulfil - Let me continue serving HIM.  I want to be more useful in this lifetime and only He can put me to good use. :)

Jai GuruDev!
Dr. Shivani (Rita) Billamoria

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