Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rajita Vishwakarma - A New beginning

Volunteer, Thane/Ahmedabad, India

I was born in Igatpuri, a small sleepy, beautiful, hill station near Mumbai. During my early years, I was a pampered, introvert child, the youngest in the family of four sisters. My doctor parents, though religious were not spiritual in nature and growing up, I had never heard the word “Guru” mentioned. College was fun till my mother was detected with Breast Cancer in 1993 and within a year my whole world collapsed with her demise. Suddenly I became the lady of the house who had to manage the home, groceries and kitchen…all these were alien words for me. I left my second year post graduation in Pune University and came back to Igatpuri to be by my father’s side. My two eldest sisters were married with families of their own and my third sister was finishing her studies to be a doctor.

For eight years I continued to stay with my Dad refusing to get married as the thought of leaving him alone to manage the home was too much for me. For all these years after my mother’s death, the fear of Cancer kept eating me. Finally in the year 2001 I settled for an arranged marriage with my husband Rajesh.

Life was once again blossoming for me till in 2003 mis-carriage gave me a rude shock and then within 6 months at the age of 31 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer - The most hated word in my life. I could see the end that I had witnessed for my mother. I was certain that I had reached the end of the road and the doctors were also not very positive of the outcome at that time as the dreaded cancer had spread to my axila region and affected the lymph nodes there.

While I was undergoing rigorous chemotherapy sessions, I got a call from a dear college friend. She had just returned from Advance Meditation Course of AOL in Malaysia and was very upbeat about the benefits of Art Of Living Courses. She told me about Guruji and insisted that I do the Basic Course ASAP. Soon after I had completed my Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment I came across an advertisement for Basic Course in Thane. My husband encouraged me to enroll in it. Though skeptical in the beginning I went ahead and registered.

Jan 25, 2005 – The First day in the course was very painful as I could not sit down and had to sit on the chair. Bhastrika was a monumental task as one hand was swollen as a result of operations and the other hand was bruised and battered with innumerable injections and IVs that were pumped into it. Second day. the Sudarshan Kriya day was amazing and miraculous as I experienced Guruji’s grace flowing inside me and calming me down. After the Kriya I felt this sudden surge of positive energy inside me. For the first time in years I felt that Cancer can be beaten and I could do that.
Then, in March I attended the Maha Sudarshan Kriya (Live with Guruji). It was the first time I saw Him as well. When he approached the area where I was standing, I could just raise my hands to wave out to him as my throat choked with emotions and tears of joy flowed from my eyes. I had never felt such strong emotions and bonding for a person I had never met before.
My first checkup appointment was the day after the Maha Kriya. I was nervous about the outcome of my blood test reports. My Oncologists were however happy and pleasantly surprised with the way my health had progressed after the treatment. My Onco Surgeon who had given me only 60% chance of survival, declared me Cancer Free…. the sweetest words I had ever heard. I then knew that Sudarshan Kriya was playing a big role in my recovery.
Now whenever I go for my Health checkup, I talk to the new patients there and tell them my life story and how Art Of Living and Guruji have helped me in winning this battle. My Faith in Guruji has inspired many friends and strangers to do the course.

It has been eight joyous years since I was introduced to this wonderful way of living. These eight years have completely changed my outlook towards life…for the better. It has given me a new family… My Art Of Living Family; with fabulous lifelong friends and most importantly given me a Guru to whom I can look up to, give my botherations to and be assured that HE will guide me out of any sticky situations. A Guru whom, I love, adore and worship. My Guru of Joy.

Jai GuruDev!


  1. I have seen you go through all this Baboo, but reading your blog Choked me as it was difficult to control my emotions! WE all Love you Lots! Jai Gurudev! Indeed Guruji cares & Loves us More than any body else!

  2. May God bless you always. This is truly amazing. I wish I too involve in AoL. How I dont know

    1. Dear Roger,
      Getting involved is a lot easier than you think. Pls let us know where you are and we can help you get involved.

  3. God Bless you dear! Keep Smiling as always! I too choked after reading this as it reminds me of rudest shock I received 8-9 years back when I heard about my Mom n my nearest n dearest friend suffering from cancer( most dreaded word)in same hospital at same time. Alas could save Mom! But I am proud to have bravest gal as my best friend.

  4. Very nice story!! very very very nice!!


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