Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lavinia Scott-Sellars Art of Living Experience - Perth, Western Australia

Company Director, Art of Living Facilitator
Art of Living Centers in Australia
Art of Living Experience as a business owner and manager

I'd like to talk about the Art of Living as a business owner and manager.  My husband and I built our company from scratch 19 years ago and turn over several million annually, with a team of 70 people.

I came across Art of Living 10 years ago when I was stressed and worn down by relentless work demands and being on call 24/7 year in and year out.  On my 40th birthday a deep 4 year mid life crisis arose, and to survive a bleak world view and a miscarriage, I smoked and drank heavily.  

One Saturday morning at 10am I sat with a stiff gin and tonic, utterly desperate.  I said "If anyone is there, can you please help me?".  Two weeks later something happened.  Every morning and evening, like clockwork, I felt a surge of energy and well being course through my body and mind.  Quickly I stopped drinking and smoking.  I lost weight and began a yoga class.  This lasted for one year.  People complimented me on breaking my addictions and losing weight.  I laughed and said "Sorry, I feel a fraud, this has nothing to do with me, it is just happening, I don't know where it is coming from!"  When I later did the Art of Living DSN course I realised the energy I felt was that of the Padma Sadhana practise.

Now to the business end.  In the Art of Living course I learned invaluable techniques to manage my mind and get rid of stress.  I learned profoundly useful knowledge to help me navigate the ups and downs of business and life in general.  My own behaviour and decision making abilities have improved and I have invited my staff and contractors to do the Art of Living course at our company's expense.

I have realised that the world is bigger than me and my small dramas.  In fact, 3 years ago my good friend Eleanor Alfred and I started an AIDS orphan project in Harare, Zimbabwe. She and her team of volunteers do the field work and our company educates, feeds and medicates 150 kids. The project is called 'Mai Tafara' and many Aussies help us by donating money. All we needed to start was 2 strong women and a bit of money - hey presto, the world changes - we don't even need to be in the same country!
More than 100 HIV+ orphans are cared for by Mai Tarafa, Zimbabwe
Through the Art of Living practices I have learned to 'get over myself', as they say.  I complain less, take more responsibility, don't get so bothered about things which inevitably go wrong.  

It is a supremely practical and useful way to live.

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  1. Im really impressed by what you said and going through the driking phase actually. you really inspire me lavinia!


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