Monday, September 6, 2010

Rachana Gupta, Bangalore

I was born in a small village near Chandigarh, my grandmom’s place. But soon after, my parents moved to Goa and we (my sister and me) spent our childhood growing up by the beachside and living a ‘bindass’ (Hindi slang for 'carefree') life. I moved to Delhi for higher studies and graduated in Literature from Delhi University.

The song that introduced me to Art of Living

I started my career as a Faculty & Technical Writer in Delhi and lived there for 10 years. One evening while channel surfing I heard someone strumming ‘Radhe Radhe’ on the guitar. And that held my attention and I had a ‘wow’ expression. It was beautiful and stayed with me for a while. I didn’t know it was someone from Art of Living or what Art of Living was. It was only later after many years that I got to know it was Vikram bhaiya and his famous guitar.

From Delhi, I moved to Hyderabad for another career opportunity as a Communications Specialist. One October evening, my parents called to say they were moving to the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore and I could join them if I wished. That was the end to my loneliness and I joined my big family at the Art of Living International Center Bangalore in 2007.

Sri Sri - Total comfort with everything and everybody

I did my Art of Living course in Goa in October 2002 and the following week Guruji was in Goa. I had the opportunity of meeting Him very closely and there was an immediate magnetic pull. At that time, I could not comprehend what was happening but I know the seed was sown. I looked at Him in total wonder and admiration – the way He smiled, the way He walked, the tremendous patience, and at comfort with everything and everybody around Him. It was total wonder and the connection was made.

Everything is taken care

In December 2002, I was in Bangalore for my MBA exams. More than exam fever, it was the wish to visit the Ashram that ruled the heart. I called the Art of Living International Center Bangalore and got to know Guruji was there only that evening and He was traveling to Germany that night. Inspite of a tough exam the next day, I made my maiden visit to the Ashram. I reached around 5:30 pm and promised myself to leave at 6:30 pm - I had to study. I met a lady at the Ashram and she asked me to stay for Satsang. Satsang she said starts at 7:30 pm and ends by 9:00 pm. I told her of my exams and the fact that I had to travel really far. All she said was everything will be taken care of. I gave her a cynical look and moved away from her. I thought she was crazy. But something deep down coaxed me to stay on for Satsang and I did. That was the most beautiful experience ever! At 9:00 pm, I was worried of how I’d get back to Indira Nagar and as I walked out of the gate, a car arrived and the couple asked me where I wanted to go. I said Indira Nagar and they said hop in. Everything was really being taken care of and continues to be taken care of to this day!

The magical Sudarshan Kriya

Practicing the Sudarshan Kriya everyday is like a new birth each day! Just 30 mins of breathing is so magical – it has helped me make better decisions, be more productive at work, be happy under any circumstance and the smile never goes away! At work when colleagues ask me the secret to my smile...all I do is wink and give them a bigger smile! I am very happy and lucky to be able to inspire so many of my colleagues to experience the Sudarshan Kriya and bring a positive change to their lives.


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