Friday, September 10, 2010

Karishma Anand, San Francisco, USA

Management Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, Art of Living YES Plus Teacher

Last year I completed my MBA from The Wharton School and I now work as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco, California. I live in the Bay Area with my husband Amit.

Sri Sri - a Beacon of Strength, Peace, Serenity

I met Guruji in a meditation program in Bandra in Mumbai. There were close to 5,ooo people on that course. I distinctly remember the scene - On a hot and humid Mumbai afternoon, under a bare bones tent he walked for more than 4.5 hours, meeting every single person who wanted to see him. He heard their stories, he gave blessings. He made it personal for 5,000 people that hot humid afternoon. I was touched by the discomfort he underwent to just meet with everyone. The crowd pulled at his clothes and his hair, jumped to get his attention, people came right in front of him such that he could have almost tripped. He just floated, a beacon of strength, peace and serenity – untouched by the crowd.

Caring so much for everyone

Later that evening, I had the chance to observe him again. He was meeting the volunteers who had put the entire course and celebration together. This time I noticed another phenomenon. Everyone’s faces lit up and he walked into the room. As he spoke to people, he seemed to kindle in them the same strength, peace and serenity that was so obvious within him. I walked away from the meditation course rejuvenated and but with one question - Why does he care so much about people? But at some level the question didn’t matter – because I had experienced myself that his presence was special.

Fast forward today. I teach the Art of Living’s YES+ program for college students and young professionals and lead the Outreach Support team for the Art of Living Foundation in the US.

Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting him, interacting with him many times. In Dec –Jan of 2006, before the Art of Living’s Silver Jubilee Celebration, I lived at the Art of Living Bangalore ashram to volunteer and help with the event. In the ashram, I realized that each day Guruji met at least hundreds of people. Each day was like that afternoon in Mumbai. He met everyone such that they all left feeling special and most importantly happy. He was actually there for people.

Simplicity and profound wisdom

I am continued to be amazed by Guruji. He can share the most profound wisdom, in the most simplest manner. He is wise yet playful.

To watch him go through his day is an inspiration. To have known him and spent time with him is a privilege – and to be able to have him as a ‘Guru’ (spiritual teacher) is nothing less than just plain old fashioned good luck!

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