Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anandan Chinnarajan's Story

About myself: I am a General Manager of a Trading House in Chennai. I am a Post-graduate in Chemistry. Started my career as a college lecturer. Then jumped into industries and had been in R&D, Quality Assurance, etc. After a personal darshan of Guruji at Bangalore Ashram, I got my present assignment where I am very very peaceful. My son is a computer professional with Dell International at Hyderabad and my daughter is the C.E.O. of an advertising company in Chennai. My wife is a home-maker.

My experience in the Art of Living: in the year 2004 in the month of February, when I was without a job, my nephew (whose entire family too – that is, my sister’s family) who had done the basic course in the Art of Living suggested that I join the course. Well, reluctantly I joined, but by the time I completed the Part 1 course under the able guidance of my teacher Mr. Joseph Enoch, I was wondering why it didn’t occur to me to do the course much earlier. Well since then I used to regularly attend the follow-up classes in Anna Nagar Centre and joyfully participate in bhajans (singing) and meditation. Another interesting thing is that just after completing the basic course, I got a job as a General Manager of a leading industrial paint manufacturing company in Chennai.

Last year, again, I was out of job. Then came a call from Sumeru inviting me to get involved in a seva (service) project which involved content writing for an education website. That was the time when I was blessed to stay in the Bangalore Ashram (in July 2009). One day, my team leader, Ms. Resha Desai took our team members to have a personal introduction and chat with Guruji. Sri Sri talked to each of one of us. Blessed us with a silver medallion and prasadam. No wonder, after returning back to Chennai I got my present assignment!

Not that I only admire Guruji for having blessed me with nice jobs whenever I was in need. I admire him for much more. When I happened to do the content writing for the Educational activities of the International Centre, I was amazed by the number of schools and educational institutions that Guruji has founded for empowering the weakest of the weak in order to bring peace to the world and to alleviate poverty.

My hats off to Guruji for single-mindedly inspiring the numerous educational and charitable organizations around the globe!

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  1. I know first hand how much my dad enjoys "Art of Living". He is always excited when he comes back from a session.


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