Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Manoj Mathur M.D. - Life Story!

About Myself:
I was born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland. My interests growing up were in the sciences so I decided to follow the path of many of my family members and go into the field of medicine. I am now a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, involved in private practice in Maryland. I am currently the Vice-Chair of the Department of Medicine at Calvert Memorial Hospital and the Vice Medical Director at Calvert County Nursing Home. My wife, Darshana and I live nearby DC in Alexandria, Virgina.

My Art of Living Experience:
My life is totally transformed after taking the Art of Living course - It has enriched every aspect of my personal and professional life. I was studying for my Medical Boards in 1999 when my parents suggested we go for a family vacation to Italy for New Years. I was bored of studying 12 hours a day and was looking forward to a change so I happily agreed!  After we got our tickets, my parents said "you can do the Art of Living course in Italy while we take an Art of Silence course."  At this point, I felt I was tricked. Now I realize that was the best trick ever played on me!  Immediately after finishing the course, I noticed that my preoccupied and wandering mind was now slowing down. My concentration became sharper and I felt the tension of studying start to ease. Many of these benefits I experienced are similar to the personal stories of thousands of others - now there is verifiable scientific research on the courses benefits completed at top institutes such as AIIMS, NIMHANS and the University of Norway. I was able to complete my exams using my new secret weapon - the Sudarshan Kriya!
Now as a practicing physician, I suggest the Art of Living course to just about every patient (and Doctor) I meet. I have seen tremendous improvement in people with clinical anxiety and depression. With the help of AOL, almost all have managed to get their smile back! Another area where I noticed the benefit was in individuals with high blood pressure. Under close observation in my clinic, I have been able to reduce or even stop their medications. I feel the AOL course has enormous potential to help improve many medical conditions such as insomnia, migraines, fatigue, asthma etc. I am currently working with other doctors, researchers and scientists to show the benefits in clinical trials. We all envision the Art of Living course as critical to helping prevent disease and sustain good health. 

I am ever grateful to my parents and sister for tricking me into doing this course. If for some reason I miss even one day of these practices, I feel the difference in energy. This course helps me to give 100% at work as well as the mental clarity needed to serve. My immense gratitude to the Founder of the Art of Living - my beloved Guru - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!

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