Thursday, August 26, 2010

Krishi Koellner

Art of Living Youth Program Teacher, Germany

I was born and grew up in a suburb in Hamburg, Germany. I went to school in a small town and also finished my education in Hamburg.
My Grandfather was building the Church in our town. I was fortunate to accompany my grandparents each Sunday for service. In my early days, I was introduced to the core human values. In the church lived an elderly sister, Sister Theodore. She reminded me a lot of Mother Theresa, kind and her full attitude was in service. Twice a week I found myself spending time with her and learning from her about life and service. Time passed and life went on. As a teenager, my mind was filled with different things, but somewhere the seed was there. During my education to become a printer, the urge to do service came strongly back and I decided to work after my education as a development aid volunteer in the developing world.

AOL Experience:
During my studies in school and later in my education I was always filled with questions and wonders about life. "What's the point?!" "What is life?" were constantly on my mind. I believed very strongly in God, that HE is always with me and felt HIS presents many times but I was not sure about the direction my life was headed.

After I finished school it became really strong. The quest started. Books over books were read and the search for a "REAL" Teacher, who not only teaches me mathematics, grammar, The realisation that I needed a teacher who could teach me and inspire me to discover what life is all about was becoming clearer. I went to different institutions, did different meditation techniques, different yoga paths, but somehow it was not fulfilling, something was missing.

One day in the subway in Hamburg a friend of mine showed me a poster. With a strong voice she told me to go to this event. She knew that I was looking for something and I guess she thought "The Art of Living - talk & meditation with H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar" would give me some sort of answers. Even though there were some obstacles, I managed to go to the talk. I was late and sat in the last row. We could write our questions on a piece of paper and send them to Sri Sri. I quickly wrote two questions down and gave it to the volunteers.

H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or Guruji came in, it was extraordinary. Even in the last row you could feel something amazing. There was a unique introduction - which was very light and informal and made us feel comfortable. Then someone started to read the question out aloud. My two question were the third ones "What is life? And how do I become free?" Guruji answered them so beautifully - I had never heard or read before.

Not long after, I did the Art of Living course. In the course I was truly blessed to experience unique Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique. It was something what I have never experienced before in any other technique. After this, I did all other courses quite soon and also started volunteering. After some time, I started teaching the course. First Non-aggression-programs in schools, then big Yoga camps to Prison Programs and Youth Empowerment Seminars. It was and even still is the most beautiful journey to more joy, more depth and more service for me. It is a cycle, the more I give the more joy comes and the joyous I am the more I want to give.

I am so so grateful to that friend who saw the poster and brought me to a beautiful path of joy, fun, service and rocking action to change the world to a better place.

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